As a Cashback Marketing customer you have exclusive access to our ABC of marketing instruments.

No matter if articles, banners, coupons, deals, events, or any other marketing strategy, your business will be seen by thousands of new customers. Unleash up to 20x more marketing power with our “Ads You Can Trust”.


TwnklEstate is a revolutionary joint-venture bringing real estate together with blockchain technology to create the perfect combination of transparency, privacy, security, and legal compliance, with industry-friendly features and functions that buyers, sellers, renters, developers, retailers, architects, and even Do-It-Yourselfers can appreciate. Real estate is rented or purchased using the virtual currency TwnklEstate Coin (TEC).


A NEW WINNER EVERY 10 MINUTES You can be next! Sign up for free and receive your lifetime free personal ticket number (PerNum). Every day your PerNum has more than 140 chances to win. Simply click on the CLICK TO WIN button of each category once per hour and check if you are a lucky winner. You can win ebooks, smartphones, jewelry, surprise gifts, and even a Cash or Twnkl jackpot.


Most Famous is our entertainment division.  Join our global talent contest  The Biggest Talent,  watch exclusive content at VEEDEO TV  and enjoy live stage shows when you are  visiting Las Vegas. 

Micaela Abreu from Portugal has been elected the World's Biggest Talent 2018

She will be invited to Las Vegas to perform live on stage at the Most Famous Awards Show on March 23, 2019. Additionally, she won a song written and produced for her by our multi-platinum team as well as a Grand Prize of 10 Million YEM* (appr. value US$100,000). Congratulations!

Solario is the Solar Energy Revolution. Their patented and independently tested and proven solar technology is 3.8 times more efficient than traditional photovoltaic panels. Each Solario Token (SOLR) is a voucher for 100kwh of clean solar energy to be delivered after Jan 1, 2022. From 2022 the SOLR will be used as a global currency for the payment of electricity bills.


 For the first time ever, a multinational combines the highest fundamental ethical values with a strong multi-business strategy. In this way, the Unicorn Network magically change the world, creating a perfect experience on the Internet, both for consumers and for enterprises, building a bridge between the virtual world and the real world


Twnkl Soccer was a great event. We had thousands of players and guess what? We have thousands of winners as well! Exactly, we have 2,760 winners; winning a total of more than 97 million Twnkls (YEM)! Congratulations to all winners!


TWNKLCHAIN is more than a blockchain: it is the best of blockchain technology, combined with all the benefits of the SafeZone. Imagine fast, secure, transparent, low-fee transactions with maximum privacy. Additionally, TWNKLCHAIN is set up for a wide variety of smart contracts. From utility bills to real estate, TWNKLCHAIN is the best choice for all your blockchain needs.


Rainbow Currency (YEM) is your everyday money. A virtual currency designed to be exactly that - a virtual currency, functioning as an approved substitute currency for fiat money.

Through common sense, practical, and innovative applications of security, privacy, convenience, ease of use, fast, low cost, and legally compliant high-quality standards, Rainbow Currency stands among the best virtual currencies of the world.

It can be used to purchase all types of products and services, including marketing and business services, solar energy, real estate and more.


As a business owner, you need to protect your assets. At the same time, you need to spread the word about your products and services. Nowadays, the Internet is everywhere, and without being online, your future business is at a risk. Many companies offer services for web design, hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), reputation management, advertising, online marketing, security tools, malware protection, and more.


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